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Effluent Tankers and Disposal Services

We have a fleet of waste and water tankers to offer many services.

At Liberty Guard we have a fleet of waste & water tankers, which can offer the following services:

  • Portable Toilet Service
  • Event Hire Service
  • Septic Tank Emptying/Cesspool Emptying
  • Bulk Water Delivery up to 500 Gallon
  • 500 Gallon / 750 Gallon / 1000 Gallon / 2000 Gallon Waste Tank Empties
  • Bottled Drinking Water
  • Water Tank Hire
  • Man Hole Empties
  • Waste Carriers Licence
  • Safe & Correct Waste Disposal

Working in conjunction with all Major Utilities Companies, our Tankers Cover the whole of the UK from our National Depots.

For all services required outside of our area, we have over 150 well established relationships with reliable companies throughout the uk that provide the same service.

Our waste management service on our waste tank units is an excellent way to ensure that the site will:

  • Never run out of water
  • Never have a full waste tank

Both of which can close the welfare units / suites due to Health and Safety issues.

Upon delivery the unit is empty we then calculate the empties based on the information gathered from site of the units usage.

We will organize the frequent empty / refills so your site never have to book, POD’S are always available upon request.

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