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The demand for more sustainable products in the construction industry is vastly increasing, that’s why here @libertygroup we are determined to make a positive change! We currently stock an entire fleet of eco-efficient welfare units and also stock a range of solar powered products;

♻️ MOBI Eco, 12ft Mobile Welfare Unit

? Ultimate Eco, 20ft Mobile Welfare Unit

? SOLAR Static, 25ft Static Welfare Unit

? Eco PLUS, 28ft Hybrid Static Welfare Unit

? Solar CCTV Tower, Site Security

?PRO-LIGHT Solar Powered Tower Light


Below is an interesting article, which has some inspiring insights into the issues surrounding sustainability in the construction industry;

By Catherine Lynch, Global Marketing Director, Engineering, Construction and Operations, SAP for FORBES Magazine

 “The Construction Industry Is Getting Greener: Why, How, And What’s Changing?

Environmental sustainability and the energy-intensive construction industry don’t often go hand-in-hand. The construction industry is a massive consumer of raw materials and natural resources, and it generates an estimated 39% of the world’s carbon emissions according to the World Green Building Council.

However, there is some good news. The sector is gradually becoming more sustainable despite many conflicting goals and complex challenges.

In a recent global survey across multiple sectors, we have seen that executives in the engineering and construction industries have made the most progress toward sustainability in the design phase, where 47% of respondents said sustainability is top-of-mind or a major concern.

Sustainable design will be critical as construction companies seek to reduce their energy consumption in completed buildings. However, the survey also revealed that executives are more likely to have set sustainability goals rather than to have taken concrete action to achieve those goals, according to the survey of 1,000 respondents from industries globally.”

She goes on to make this statement;

“A Sustainable Future is Good for Business And For Our Planet

As more executives realize that sustainable choices are actually good for business, more engineering and construction companies will set sustainability commitments and adopt sustainable practices into more aspects of their business. Now is the time to take action to balance the bottom line with the green line in the engineering and construction industry.”

To read the full article click this link; The Construction Industry Is Getting Greener: Why, How, And What’s Changing? (

That’s why @libertygroup we’re proud to shout out we are here to make a positive change and are constantly striving to reduce our carbon footprint.

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