Happy New Year! - 2023

Do you have a New Year’s Resolution?

Here’s mine…

to recycle more and to be more Eco-Efficient in my everyday life ♻️

Here is a great way to make a start, choose solar powered welfare! ?

Our Ultimate Eco Range is fitted with our SOLARFlowTM electrical system, which combines solar energy harvesting with an ultra energy-efficient electrical system to hugely reduce energy use and emissions.

On both our 12ft & 20ft Ultimate Eco Welfare they provide a full roof of solar panels that capture the sun’s energy during daylight hours, which is then either used immediately or stored in a 5.12kWh Lithium Ion battery.

Much of the year, our Ultimate Eco Welfare operate purely from solar alone with no need for the generator to run. The SOLARFlowTMsystem provides all the functionality required in a hardworking welfare cabin with virtually zero requirement for generator use.

All electrical operations run off solar or battery power alone. A tiny 3.5kVA generator is supplied to act as a back-up and top up if necessary.

All these elements are monitored 24/7 and the information can be remotely accessed at any time to produce detailed reports on how much solar energy has been produced and stored, how much energy has been used to operate the cabin and if/when the generator has been activated, making carbon reporting quick and easy.

The SOLARFlowTM system produces an incredible reduction in generator runtime, extensive field tests show that the unit’s generator will generally not need to run at all during the spring/summer/autumn months.

Our Ultimate Eco Range – Great for Winter!

In deepest winter, the reduction is still impressive with the generator running on average one hour a day from November to Feb. This is a 93.4% reduction in energy use which will save 3228 litres of fuel a year and reduce CO2 emissions by 154.5 kg per week, a yearly saving of 8035kg.

Intuitive & Easy to use

The system is intuitive and easy-to-use just turn on the Unit Power Isolator switch at the start of the day to get the unit running. Power management is seamless with no need to ever turn the generator on or off. It will switch on automatically to recharge the battery if necessary, with no user intervention.

Meaning you can fully rely on our Ultimate Welfare to provide sufficient energy from a natural source, the sun.

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