We have inspiring news to share with you all and this can’t wait a moment longer!

The Liberty Standard Mobile Welfare has had an upgrade – they’re now hybrid!

We are installing into our entire fleet of Mobile Welfare a 360W/24 volt Solar Panel System, keeping the original 7kva generator as a backup.

This ingenious idea saves the user huge amounts in fuel costs, and the environmental benefits are even greater. The reduction in fuel significantly lowers the carbon footprint of the entire unit; less fuel tankers on the road, less fuel is consumed, meaning less coal is mined, harmful emissions, CO2 & greenhouse gases are reduced.

Plus, as we are choosing to recycle our current mobile fleet, there is no waste involved, adding only positive changes and significantly benefiting our planet.

So by simply choosing Liberty Mobile Welfare, you can rest assured you’re doing your bit and together, we can get your company closer to Net Zero.