Here we can spot our 12ft at the Etihad Stadium, with try-outs for Man City Juniors! Yes that’s correct, were starting try-outs this week for our new football team, Liberty FC. So grab your football boots, start stretching out those hamstring muscles and dig out that old football kit because team try-outs are starting next week!

You’re not much of player? Not to worry at all. We have plenty of spaces available for our cheerleader squad too! Or you will need is an enthusiastic personality, lots of energy and great spelling. “Gimmie a L, Gimmie an I, Gimmie a B, Gimmie a E, Gimmie an R, Gimmie a T, Gimmie a Y and what does it spell……. LIBERTY!”

On a more serious note, it’s much more likely that our 12ft Ultimate Eco is doing what it does best!

And that’s saving the planet!

The environmental benefits of this cabin are incredible and provides a reliable alternative to the traditionally run cabins. Plus, our Ultimate Eco range it the perfect option to get your site closer to that Net Zero goal, the strive to reduce your sites carbon emissions can be a constant struggle.

Solar Powered, virtually 1005 of energy needs to be supplied be solar, plus this range holds a 3.5kva back-up generator, for that peace of mind.

Remote Monitoring, inbuilt with the SolarTrack™ system that remotely reports energy use and production. This intelligent system monitors the units current location, alerts our team of any faults and sends an alarms for waste & water tank levels.

Recyclable, in the manufacturing process of the Ultimate Eco range the use of recycled materials were used to ensure minimal end of life impact. Using over 90% of recycled materials and that percentage is still rising.

HVO Biofuel, is a natural renewable energy resource and creates a 90% reduction in CO₂ along with other harmful gasses and emissions too.

Near Zero Emissions, by using a combination of solar energy and HVO biofuel, this range emits virtually zero CO₂.

Energy Saving, in built with a highly efficient electrical system, that is cleverly designed to use the lowest level of energy throughout the cabin.

Carbon Offsetting, an investment into sustainable woodland to offset the CO₂ produced in the manufacturing process.

Water Saving, this range is fitted with sustainable rainwater harvesting and a greywater recycling WM Pro™ System, this clever piece of kit reduces service visits by at least 50%.

Dedicated Aftercare Support, we passionately provide a team experts that are dedicated to providing nationwide support, training and engineers.

At Liberty we strive to provide the complete package deal, taking care of our customers throughout their hire duration.

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