MNDA Charity Unit

Here we have an excellent opportunity for us to shout from the roof tops! As this charity are doing a fabulous job and we love to take every chance we get to give the MND Association a huge shout out!

The MNDA charity is one that’s close to our hearts and we are more than honoured to constantly support them.

Liberty Group showing support with MNDA Charity Unit

Here at Liberty Group we show our support in our own way, the only way we know how; Welfare!

That’s why we committed last year to create this welfare unit that is purely dedicated to the Motor Neurone Disease Association and we have successfully donated £125 every single week since then.

Our Charitable 12ft Welfare Unit is uniquely designed to be compact, is fully self-contained, is lightweight, is easily towable to any space and is suitable for most environments too. I’m sure you can see why our 12ft Mobile Unit has proven to be the most popular with our customer base.

Motor Neurone Disease is devastating for the whole family. Many people living with MND have children or young people at home. Being able to talk about their feelings and worries, with someone who is not a relation, can help them cope at such a traumatic time. Our Children and Young People’s Service support them and their families, to deal with these difficult emotions and to feel less alone.

Show your support too!
Simply text “MNDASSOC” to 70085 and donate £5 today