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To open an account with us we ask for some Company information from you.

The form shouldn’t take too long to complete but please make sure you read it first to ensure you have everything you need to hand! Unfortunately, we are unable to process incomplete applications if you do have any queries, please contact our accounts Dept on 0845 094 4487.

    Please submit two trade references including tel/email


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    Important information

    The declaration will state that you have read and agree to be bound by our Standard Terms and Conditions and give consent to a Credit search being made on you as Owner; Partner(s) or Director(s) of this organisation both now and at any future date. You understand that this search will be recorded by the Credit agency and may be disclosed to subsequent enquirers. By Submitting the below, you agree to accept our payment terms of 30 days from invoice date. Failure to comply will result in a review of credit facilities which may result in a withdrawal of credit.