We are ecstatic to announce our newfound partnership with Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust!

As a company we are passionate about making a positive change to our planet, this necessity to make a global change can seem extremely overwhelming, however if we all do our bit, our small changes can make a big difference. This is why we have chosen to invest into a Trust that is local to us and we want to support all the positive work done by The Wildlife Trust, Sheffield & Rotherham.

The Trust successfully cover a lot of ground with the work they do, an area we have chosen to particularly invest into is the Education of our future generation. The Wildlife Trust, Sheffield & Rotherham visit our local Primary and Secondary Schools and provide offsite trips too, offering valuable education and resources to our young people. None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for external corporate funding.

At Liberty Group we feel educating our children and young people is paramount – as they are our future! Research reveals that if people are given insight into the reasons “why”, they are more likely to respond positively and more likely to support the cause. When this Partnership opportunity arose, we were more than happy to jump at the chance, and we can now proudly announce we are officially a Diamond Member of the Wildlife Trust, Sheffield & Rotherham.


I know many of our customers are passionate about reducing their carbon footprint, and the deadline for Net Zero is getting closer and closer. Here at liberty group we’ve made it simple! By choosing any product from our Liberty Solar Range, you are not only using a product that is significantly better for our environment, you are also financially contributing to the Trust. So every time a Liberty Solar Product is hired, a percentage of that hire goes directly to the Wildlife Trust, Sheffield & Rotherham. This will aid all the valuable work they do in Educating in Schools, the protection of our wildlife, land and water preservation.


Making a one-off personal contribution is easy to do, simply click this link here and follow the easy-to-follow steps on their website;


The Trust will greatly receive any donation.