Ultimate Eco 20ft Welfare Unit

Our Ultimate Eco range is fitted with an intelligent monitoring system, which combines solar energy harvesting with an ultra-energy-efficient electrical system to hugely reduce energy use and emissions.

A full roof of solar panels captures the sun’s energy during daylight hours which is then either used immediately or stored in a 5.12kWh Lithium Ion battery. For much of the year, our Ultimate Eco cabins operate purely from solar alone with no need for the generator to run.

Financial Benefits

✔️Reduces fuel use by 3228 litres per year, an annual saving of £6940 based on current HVO Bio Fuel costs.**

✔️Consumes an average 62 litres of fuel per week less than a standard cabin.*

✔️Patented Infinity generator with automatic oil change coupled with minimal generator runtime produces huge cut in servicing costs.

✔️Less generator wear and tear lowers breakdown risk and extends lifespan cutting maintenance/replacement costs.

✔️Automatic battery charging means no risk of financial loss due to flat battery repair/replacements and cabin downtime.

✔️Attractive to users as no need to run generator for any electrical operation or heating.

✔️Fast fuss-free operation – less workforce time taken up operating the unit.

✔️Minimal user intervention will in general mean less faults due to user error and therefore less cabin downtime and/or repair bills.

✔️Compared to standard basic Eco electrical system with 7kVA generator with some eco features such as LED lighting

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