Spring is the much-loved season that migrates from Winter to Summer, during this times period the temperature gradually increases. Spring doesn’t officially begin until the 20th March 2024, however we will see plenty signs of Spring before that date. Some of the more common signs we may all have notices are things such as; new buds on the trees, daffodils sprouting up everywhere we look, new baby lambs leaping around the countryside, baby chicks hatching and chirping for their parents. Spring truly is the season of new beginnings.

Another benefit of Spring, is the days become longer giving us a much longer stretch of daylight hours. On 1st April 2024 the clocks “Spring Forward” marking the start of the British Summer Time

Plus, with the days becoming longer and longer, Spring is the perfect season for Liberty Solar. With a longer stretch of natural day light, our products work at their optimal production level, supplying Solar-Powered Welfare that doesn’t compromise on function.

Just reliable products!


+ Carbon Neutral

+ 100% Renewable Energy

+ Solar Powered

+ Large Lithium Ion Battery

+ 3.5kva Back Up Generator

+ Rainwater Harvesting

+ Near Zero Emissions

+ Remote Monitoring

+ 24/7 Aftercare Service

+ Water Saving

+ Award Winning Product